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10 of Cups Fairy Tale Tarot Lisa Hunt

Healing the Heart – 10 of Cups

When trust has been shattered it leaves a mark – sometimes one that can last for years. I’ve had a few situations like this that have lingered far too long. They’re like arrowheads embedded in my heart – and when […]

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Healing the Planet

Healing the Planet

Deck: Vision Quest
by Gayan Sylvie Winter & Jo Dose
Reading done using Vision Quest app by Fool’s Dog
Question: What is going on with the Planet and its people?
Positions (left > right)  Essence of the Question, What Hinders Me, What Helps Me
Essence of […]

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vision quest daughter of earth

Healing Focus: Early January

Daughter of Earth:  A time of great creativity. Not only in my Tarot work but also through my photography and sacred energy jewelry creations. The talents I have put aside for so long are now about to emerge and blossom. […]

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Healing Focus: Early December

The Bear:  Integrating my star-power with my animal-power The Druid Plant & Animal Oracle by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm Illustrations by Will Worthington I am the bear. I have always been the bear. I eat, I sleep, I hibernate. I terrorize, I mother.   Read More