Are We All Missing the Same Part?

Why is everyone I know searching for an indefinable missing part?
It’s like we all have some big hole and are on a constant quest to fill it. Or is it just me?

Not surprising that the 5 of Cups (Tarot de St. Croix) appeared as my daily draw as I’ve been thinking about this missing piece most of the day. Mostly, I wondered

why we all have it

and if we’re all missing the same thing

The only answer I could offer was a two-fold possibility:

  1.  We’re all looking for love  or
  2.  We all want to know that our lives matter

I told a friend that I often feel as if I’m living the wrong life. By that I mean that there are times I hear something – like the DruidCast podcast – or read something – like Beth’s post about living on the Isle of Skye – and something deep deep inside me longs for _____, what?

Living wilder, more in tune with nature, more attached to the earth, more mindful, less stressful. Knowing that my life matters?

I don’t have an answer. Do you? Please leave a comment – I need to figure this out.

Nancy Elle

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