Crash! Bang! It’s All Good

If you’ve been to this site before you’ll notice that it has a whole new look and an absence of blog posts.

That’s because the cyber-gremlins decided to crash the site a few days ago. Nothing was recoverable.

After a hearty “oh no!”, I decided I was getting a clear message: the old site didn’t effectively communicate who I am, the type of work I do, or the lovely clients with whom I love to work.

Time to begin again.

Of course, I did want to see what the cards had to say! My friend Alison Cross who runs the Game of Tarot Thrones Website shared a devilishly delicious 3-card reading that felt perfect.

Card 1 (draw the card from the bottom of your deck):
This comes to an end. 8 of Water: Stagnation
Card 2: (draw the card from the top of your deck)
This comes to fruition. 2 of Air: Inner Peace
Card 3: (draw from the interior of your deck)
Plant THIS to harvest later. Father of Air (King of Swords)

You know, there was something about the old site that bugged me but I wasn’t sure what it was. Now, instead of fixing “it”, a new site has grown out of the old.

And it’s one I love.

Hold on as I think we’re in for a ride!

Image from Vision Quest Tarot

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