Excuse me, I don’t want to step on your heart

I’m pondering why we say “yes” when we should say “no”, and “no”
when it should be “yes”. I think it’s all about fear.

fear of hurting someone’s feelings

fear of being wrong

fear of being thought of as unkind

fear of feeling guilty

fear of being too old or too young

fear of what might go horribly wrong

And so I drew a card today, asking to understand more about the fear. The woman who appeared was the Queen of Swords – the Cold Teacher of Wisdom.

The Queen’s subtitle (thank you Kim Huggens, Eric C. Dunne) threw me for a minute. Cold Teacher of Wisdom . . . whoa, no Queen of Cups at this banquet. Instead,  hard lessons learned, truth-telling, no molly-coddling. Tell the truth, live the truth.

The Queen swatted my backside with the flat of her sword and told me this: Do it with love and adventure and joy or don’t do it at all. Fear-schmear, get over it. And if you DO it and then resent it, shut the hell up.


Our Queen comes to you today from Tarot Illuminati

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