The mysteries and magic of March

Find your sign to uncover a tiny bit of magic about the month

Aries: Guardian of Water – oh my fiery Aries, how will you deal with the powerful woman who rules the depths of your emotions? Here’s a clue: Become the turtle.

Taurus: Two of Water – You’ve been wanting someone to love you without hesitation. Your magical mystery: What love do you have to offer man, woman or beast with the same devotion?

Gemini: 2 the Priestess – oh my little two-sided pixie. Are you equipped to blend your two and let the one guide your next decision? Stop waffling. Unless you’re making waffles.

Cancer: Eight of Air – so it’s a trip you want to take? Our final words on this subject: You don’t always need a map to know that the journey of the heart is the one you need to follow today.

Leo: Nine of Fire – at least my fierce little Leo you get a bit of fire this month. But your fire need to be concentrated. A flame thrower will serve you far better now than fireworks.

Virgo: Eight of Water – my sweet confused Virgo. You don’t know whether your goal is behind you or ahead. Forward, backwards, sideways. You are flailing. Stop. Drift. Reflect.

All cards from Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Tarot

Libra: Six of Earth. My indecisive Libra this is the month to explore the market to find the foods that sync with your soul. Seriously, Libra. The magic for you sprouts from Momma Nature.

Scorpio: 21 Gaia the World. How now my watery, deep and mysterious friend? Everything falls into place for you and as the spiral advances, a new world appears for you to conquer. Go swiftly forward.

Sagitarrius: Five of Water. Why so sad little Sag? What you’ve lost is but a small portion of what you still hold. I know your fire is easily doused by doubt so when the rain comes remember your true nature.

Capricorn: Eight of Air. You and Cancer have received the same message! But for you, the journey must be planned. Ask your heart the way and your personalized map will be made evident.

Aquarius: Five of Air. What is all this squawking about? Message to your brain: Stop fighting in there! One idea at a time, my dear futuristic loving water-bearer. One idea at a time.

Pisces: Four of Earth. Ahhh, little fishey. You are out of water and trying to swim in the forest. Trying to be a squirrel when you were built to swim the seas is a no-go. Be you . . . it’s the only person you can be.

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