New Moons are a time for setting your intention for the coming month.
Each New Moon brings with it specific energy. That means that setting your intention so that it’s in sync with the moon’s own energy is important.

During a New Moon reading* (done via email) I create a ritual based on your intention, then draw cards to guide you on

  • which of your personality traits is most needed at this time
  • the issue that may be lurking just beneath the moon’s surface
  • the action needed
  • the direction this New Moon is taking you

*I will do New Moon readings on the day before, the day of and the day following a New Moon. Be sure to let me know which date you want your reading done on.

New Moons of 2016 and Their Energy

  • January 10 – Capricorn – Setting long-term goals No longer available
  • February 8 – Aquarius – Radical, new undertakings No longer available
  • March 9 – Pisces – Imagination, spiritual pursuits
  • April 7 – Aries – Fresh starts, quick actions
  • May 6 – Taurus – Making solid plans, setting foundations
  • June 5 – Gemini – Improving communication, writing
  • July 4 – Cancer – Personal and family needs
  • August 2 – Leo – Creativity
  • September 1 – Virgo – Setting up routines, attending to details
  • October 1 – Libra – Relationship issues
  • October 30 – Scorpio – Intimacy, clearing out the unwanted
  • November 29 – Sagittarius – Adventure, publishing
  • December 29 – Capricorn – Setting long-term goals

Order Your New Moon Reading Today $25

After payment is made, send me an email using the Contact button at the top of the page indicating which day you would like your reading done on, and your intention for your New Moon. I will send your reading via email along with an image of the cards and a brief description of the ritual.

I look forward to helping you set and achieve your New Moon intentions.

By ordering a reading I verify that I am at least 18 years of age and understand that readings are for entertainment purposes only.