Sometimes you need a little help

Tarot readings can help you by

  • offering alternative solutions
  • clarifying personal or business issues
  • comparing choices
  • understanding a current situation
  • discovering stuck points
  • working with lunar energy
  • or giving you a reality check

So thank you very much, not just for your wisdom and intuition, but also for the warmth and honesty you expressed in your words. Jay

I have been reading Tarot for 30+ years and works with a variety of clients on issues from business to relationships, personal growth to energy work. I currently offer:

I look forward to reading from you.

Nancy Elle is my go-to reader whenever I face a difficult situation or find myself stuck. I highly recommend her. Jessica Macbeth, Faeries Oracle

Not sure if tarot readings are for you? Try out free tarot reading on 7Tarot first. Once you have familiarised yourself, get in touch!